Last week, we were able to confirm that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a 1TB storage option.

We said the Galaxy S24 series may hold no storage surprises, but new information suggests otherwise.

And if the data is accurate, Samsung sure has a big surprise in store for future Galaxy S24 Ultra buyers.

According to a new rumor), Samsung is planning a Galaxy S24 Ultra variant that boasts 2TB of storage.

As yet, there are no other details about this variant and whether it has 12GB of RAM or more,

but needless to say, 2TB of storage should be enough for even the most demanding users and content creators.

In addition to this bit of information, the source also suggests that Samsung might bring back the 128GB + 8GB memory configuration for the most affordable Galaxy S24 Ultra model.

If true, this seems like a step backward, given that the Galaxy S23 Ultra starts at 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.

And especially considering that Samsung doesn't manufacture 128GB storage solutions based on the UFS 4.0 standard.

Assuming the company won't change this,

the rumor essentially suggests that some Galaxy S24 Ultra models will have UFS 3.1 storage while others will boast UFS 4.0.