Lamborghini has opened an online configurator for the new Revulto Leader that was revealed yesterday.

You can play with multiple options of supercars,

But that's debatable, except you're one of the only exceptionally few held so far.

Lamborghini says the Revuelto was sold out sometime in early spring,

Most reservation holders have never seen what the vehicle will be like. however,

If you want to kill a short period, So you can build your own.

There is something here for everyone, whether your preference is towards the devotee or the powerhouse.

Diversity is where Revuelto focuses on personalization the most.

There are something like 68 varieties, the vast majority of which come in both gloss and matte perfection.

An expert can go for one of the Classica shades,

Which draws inspiration from Lamborghini's past.

The singular orange and lime green numbers are more prominent than the full range of most standard vehicles.

It is practically strong. But since we share in a good laugh,