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The days of having to think up new passwords that aren’t “password123” may be coming to an end – at least on your Google accounts.

Google on Wednesday began rolling out support for passkeys, an alternative sign-in method for apps and websites that the company says is meant to serve as an “easier to use and more secure” alternative to the password.

With passkeys, Google said users can access their various accounts the same way they might unlock their phone: with a fingerprint, face scan or screen lock PIN.

The FIDO Alliance, a security consortium that counts many tech firms as members, previously developed standards for passkeys.

Microsoft, Apple and Google have since been working to make passkeys a reality.

Apple rolled out its passkey option with the release of iOS 16, allowing people to use the technology across apps, including Apple Wallet.

Passkey support was rolled out on Chrome and Android devices in October 2022, but now the option is available across Google accounts, from Gmail to Drive.

People are notoriously bad at picking passwords.

But even adding a special character or alphanumeric combination can only add so much protection from bad actors.

Passkeys, by comparison, are widely seen as more secure than other options, with Google calling them “resistant to online attacks like phishing.”

Google will continue to support passwords and two-factor authentication as other account access options.