WOC 31 (Reuters) - Gold prices rose on Friday on their way to their best monthly performance since July 2020,

Because the emergency of the new financial structure spurred assumptions for a less-powerful US Central Bank,

making bullion an attractive bet. Starting at around 0321 GMT

Spot gold rose 0.1% to $1,981.59 an ounce. US gold likely rose 0.1% to $1,982.00.

Bullion was similarly set to post quarter-to-quarter gains, up 8.6% so far.

The dollar was briefly on target for one quarter of bad luck after another, making bullion cheaper for overseas buyers.

Gold recently crossed the $2,000 mark after two US local debt experts suddenly broke down,

That led to bets that the Fed could hold off on raising rates to avoid more widespread consequences of turbulence in the global financial structure.

Markets see a 48.9% chance for the Fed to succeed in tapping debt costs in May.

Although gold is seen as a hedge against monetary vulnerabilities,

Higher rates often don't reduce the attractiveness of zero-yielding bullion.

However, the cost was soon recouped after the experts stepped in with the rescue measures.