Everywhere you look, RTX 4080 gaming laptops cost a lot,

But thankfully, GIGABYTE's AORUS 17H bucks 'so ridiculous' for $2,299.99 on Amazon

bucks that trend by providing a solid machine for the price.

For some, even the asking price is ridiculous, but there have been moments

Where we've seen RTX 3080 gaming laptops under $2,000,

And when you're getting the best of the best, it won't hurt to spend a little more.

In general, we don't recommend 17-inch gaming laptops due to their sheer size,

But the price and configuration of the AORUS 17H really took us by surprise.

The display is an IPS LCD panel with 1080p resolution

Which supports up to 360Hz refresh rate. that sounds like

That this particular model was produced for eSports enthusiasts.