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vestige products : In this article, we will share the price list of Vestige products. Vestige’s product list is constantly expanding so dealers look forward to receiving a PDF of the latest Vestige product list. You can read Vestige plan in Hindi here.

Vestige, registered as Vestige Marketing Private Limited, is one of the best MLM companies in India. Vestige offers a variety of products.

Vestige is also one of the most legitimate and competitive companies for international companies such as Amway, Herbalife and Forever. People are also focused on considering many companies for buying quality products at affordable prices.

Vestige Products Price List

Hence, our article on Vestige Vs. Modicare Vs. Amway will give you an in-depth review of the three MLM giants. Vestige was founded in 2004 by Gautam Bali and now has the highest turnover in the Indian direct marketing industry.

Vestiges product catalog contains over 380 products. Sonu Sharma and Siddharth Singh are two famous people of Vestige company.

1Business ToolsProduct Catalogue -Hindi ₹50.001 Piece
2Business ToolsLAPTOP BAG ₹3200.001 Bag
3Business ToolsWealth on Wheels ₹1700.001 Piece
4Business ToolsVestige Crepe Saree ₹1950.001 Piece
5Business ToolsSuccess Plan ₹20.001 Piece
6Business ToolsVoice ₹51.001 Piece
7Business ToolsHealth Guide ₹32.001 Piece
8Business ToolsVestige Flip Chart ₹180.001 Piece
9Business ToolsProduct Catalogue ₹50.001 Piece
10Business ToolsLeading ladies ₹1125.001 Piece
11Business ToolsVestige Car Book ₹1125.001 Piece
12OrnexVestige Classic Gold Plated ID Chain Bracelet ₹515.001 Unit
13OrnexVestige logo Elite Gold Plated Cufflink in enamel ₹700.002 Units
14OrnexVestige logo Gold Plated Cufflink in enamel ₹750.002 Units
15OrnexVestige Classic gold plated brooch in enamel ₹560.001 Unit
16OrnexVestige logo Regalia gold plated brooch in enamel ₹560.001 Unit
17OrnexVestige logo gold plated tie-clip in enamel ₹700.001 Unit
18OrnexVestige logo monochrome gold plated tie-clip ₹605.001 Unit
19OrnexMoon Magic Stud Drops ₹490.002 Units
20OrnexVestige Classic Silver Plated ID Chain Bracelet ₹515.001 Unit
21OrnexBlooming Bud Danglers ₹400.002 Units
22OrnexVestige Classic Gold Plated ID Chain Bracelet ₹515.001 Unit
23OrnexVestige logo Elite Gold Plated Cufflink in enamel ₹700.002 Units
24OrnexVestige logo Gold Plated Cufflink in enamel ₹750.002 Units
25OrnexVestige Classic gold plated brooch in enamel ₹560.001 Unit
26OrnexVestige logo Regalia gold plated brooch in enamel ₹560.001 Unit
27OrnexVestige logo gold plated tie-clip in enamel ₹700.001 Unit
28OrnexVestige logo monochrome gold plated tie-clip ₹605.001 Unit
29OrnexMoon Magic Stud Drops ₹490.002 Units
30OrnexVestige Classic Silver Plated ID Chain Bracelet ₹515.001 Unit
31OrnexBlooming Bud Danglers ₹400.002 Units
32Mach-DriveMach-Drive NanoEnergizer (Four-Wheeler) ₹1870.0030 ml
33Mach-DriveDrive NanoEnergizer (Two-Wheeler/Three-Wheeler) ₹1495.0030 ml
34Agri ProductsAgri Aquagel 1 kg ₹2000.001 kg
35Agri ProductsAgri Humic Granules ₹825.005 kg
36Agri ProductsAgri Humic 500 ml ₹650.00Net Content :
37Agri ProductsVESTIGE AGRI NANOTEK ₹750.00250 g
38Agri ProductsVESTIGE AGRI PROTEK ₹760.00250 g
39Agri ProductsVestige Agri-82 500 ml ₹535.00500 ml
40Agri ProductsVestige Agri-82 3×100 ml ₹381.00100 ml x 3
41Agri ProductsVestige Agri-82 5 L ₹4300.005 L
42Agri ProductsAgri -Protek ₹1475.00500 g
43Agri ProductsVestige Agri-Moss  100 ml ₹380.00100 ml
44Agri ProductsAGRI -NANOTEK  500 G ₹1475.00500g
45Agri ProductsAGRI- GOLD  100 g ₹600.00100 g
46Agri ProductsAGRI -MOSS   500 ML ₹1750.00500 ml
47Personal CareAssure  Hair Spa 150 g ₹405.00150 g
48Personal CareAssure Moisture Rich Shampoo (D& D) 200ml ₹190.00200 ml
49Personal CareAssure Deep Cleanse Shampoo (oily) 200ml ₹190.00200 ml
50Personal CareAssure Daily Care Shampoo (Normal) 200ml ₹190.00200 ml
51Personal CareAssure  Hair Conditioner 75g ₹245.0075 g
52Personal CareAssure Hair Oil 200 ml ₹195.00200 ml
53Personal CareVescare Insta Relief Cream 50 g ₹150.0050 g
54Personal CareAssure Creamy Cleasing Bar 75g ₹69.0075 g
55Personal CareAssure Active Deo ₹215.00Net Content :
56Personal CareAssure Germ protection  soap ₹63.0075 g
57Personal CareAssure Complexion bar  (kesar,olice & honey )  75 ₹84.0075g
58Personal CareAssure Rapture Deo ₹205.00Net Content :
59Personal CareAssure Cherry blossom body butter 100 g ₹360.00100 g
60Personal CareAssure Soap 100 g ₹54.00100 g
61Personal CareAssure FORCE FRESH BODY TALC 100 g ₹65.00100 g
62Personal CareAssure Enchant Body Talc 100 g ₹65.00100 g
63Personal CareAssure Hand Cleansing Gel ₹65.0060 ml
64Personal CareAssure Hand Cleansing Gel ₹290.00500 ml
65Personal CareAssure Cocoa & Peach body butter 200g ₹520.00200 g
66Personal CareAssure Blossom perfume spray 18 ml ₹100.0018 ml (15.3 g)
67Personal CareAssure Captive perfume spray 18 ml ₹100.0018 ml (15.3 g)
68Personal CareAssure Aloe Cucumber Aquagel 100 ml ₹315.00100 ml
69Personal CareAssure Charisma Perfume spray 18 ml ₹100.0018 ml
70Personal CareAssure Hand Wash ₹145.00250 ml
71Personal CareAssure Hand & Body Lotion 250 ml ₹225.00250 ml
72Personal CareAssure Cocoa & Peach Body Butter ₹515.00200 g
73Personal CareAssure Body polish 150ml ₹360.00150 ml
74Personal CareAssure Foot Cream 50 g ₹165.0050 g
75Personal CareAssure Arctic perfume spray 100 ml ₹325.00100 ml
76Personal CareAssure Aura perfume spray 100 ml ₹325.00100 ml
77Personal CareAssure Pulse Perfume spray 100 ml ₹325.00100 ml
78Personal CareAssure Insta-Glow Facial Kit ₹700.001 N x 5 g + 3 N x 10 g = 35 g
79Personal CareAssure Vitamin C facial foam 100 ml ₹382.00100 ml
80Personal CareAssure Vitamin C Gel creme 50 g ₹230.0050 g
81Personal CareAssure BB Cream ₹380.00Net Content :
82Personal CareAssure Night Care Gel Crème ₹315.0060 g
83Personal CareAssure Tanclear Face Pack 60g ₹265.0060 g
84Personal CareAssure purifying cleanser +Toner 250 ml ₹315.00250 ml
85Personal CareAssure Daily Moisturiser  250 ml ₹290.00250 ml
86Personal CareAssure Anti-Ageing Night Cream 60g ₹255.0060 g
87Personal CareAssure Instant Glow Face Pack 60g ₹170.0060 g
88Personal CareAssure Clarifying Face Wash  60g ₹170.0060 g
89Personal CareAssure Complete Fairness Cream 50g ₹200.0050 g
90Personal CareAssure Sun Defense SPF 30+ ₹265.0060 g
91Personal CareAssure Shaving Cream 100 g ₹120.00100 g
92Personal CareAssure BB Cream  30g ₹400.0030 g
93Personal CareAssure Facial Massage Cream 60g ₹250.0060 g
94Personal CareAssure Exfoliating Face Scrub 60 g ₹295.0060 g
95Oral CareDentassure Toothpaste 100 g ₹75.00100 g
96Oral CareDentassure Toothpaste 100 g ₹85.00100 g
97Oral CareDentassure Tooth brush 1 x 4 ₹260.00Net Content :
98Oral CareDentassure Toothpaste 100 g ₹85.00100 g
99Oral CareDentassure Gano Toothpaste 100 g ₹175.00100 g
100Oral CareDentassure whitening tooth paste 90g ₹150.0090 g
101Oral CareDentassure Mouth Wash 250 ml ₹205.00250 ml
102Women HygieneDewGarden Panty Liners ₹175.0012 N
103Women HygieneDewGarden Sanitary Napkin ₹290.0010 N
104Women HygieneDewGarden Foaming Intimate Wash ₹210.0080 ml
105Health FoodZeta Special Tea 250 g ₹160.00250 g
106Health FoodZeta Special Tea 200 g ₹128.00200 g
106Health FoodZeta Special Tea ₹128.00200 g
107Health FoodZeta coffee ₹205.0050 g
108Health FoodZeta Tea ₹160.00250 g
109Health FoodZETA PREMIUM SPICE TEA ₹285.00200 g
110Health FoodLITE HOUSE RICE BRAN OIL 2 L ₹600.002 L
111Health FoodEnerva Protein Snack Bar ₹65.0030 g
112Health FoodEnerva Energy Snack Bar ₹60.0030 g
114Health FoodENERVA CHOCO-FLAXSEED BAR ₹60.0030 g
115Health FoodInvigo Nutritional Protein Powder ₹615.00200 g
116Health FoodInvigo nutritional protein ₹1400.00500 g
117Health FoodInvigo nutritional protein ₹640.00200 g
118Health FoodInvigo FRESHnUP Drink ₹235.00200 g
119Water PurifierWater Purifier ₹35500.00Quantity : 1 Unit
120Water PurifierSharp Water Purifier Pitcher ₹3200.00Quantity : 1 Unit
121Vestige EssentialsVestige Nasofilters ₹500.0030 pieces
122Vestige EssentialsVestige Celebration Mask for Women (M) ₹235.001 N
123Vestige EssentialsVestige Celebration Mask for Men (XL) set of 2 ₹280.002 N
124Vestige EssentialsVestige Celebration Mask for Men (L) Set of 2 ₹280.002 N
125Vestige EssentialsVestige Face Mask (M) L set of 2 ₹160.00Set of 2
126Vestige EssentialsVestige Face Mask (W) M set of 2 ₹160.00Set of 2
127Vestige EssentialsVestige Face Mask (W) M set of 2 ₹160.00Set of 2
128Vestige EssentialsVestige Face Mask (W) L set of 2 ₹160.00Set of 2
129Vestige EssentialsVestige Face Mask (W) XL set of 2 ₹160.00Set of 2
130Vestige EssentialsVestige Face Mask (M) XL set of 2 ₹160.00Set of 2
131AyurvedaVestige Curcumin Plus Capsules  60s ₹1050.0060 capsules
132AyurvedaVestige Neem ₹425.00100 softgels
133AyurvedaVESTIGE FLAX OIL ₹635.0090 softgels
134AyurvedaVESTIGE AMLA ₹220.0060 capsules
135AyurvedaVestige Coconut oil ₹700.0060 capsules
136AyurvedaVestige Colostrum ₹720.0060 capsules
137AyurvedaVESTIGE ALOE VERA ₹320.0060 capsules
138AyurvedaVESTIGE NONI ₹585.0090 capsules
139AyurvedaVESTIGE SPIRULINA ₹421.00100 capsules
140AyurvedaVestige Ganoderma ₹920.0090 capsules
141AyurvedaVestige Shatavari Max ₹545.0090 capsules
142AyurvedaVestige Curcumin Plus ₹1050.0060 capsules
143AyurvedaAyusante Prostate Care ₹525.0060 capsules
144AyurvedaAyusante Vital Complex ₹895.0060 capsules
145AyurvedaAyusante kidneyhealth ₹760.0060 capsules
146AyurvedaAyusante Liverhealth ₹765.0060 capsules
147AyurvedaAyusante Respocare ₹730.0060 capsules
148AyurvedaAyusante Toxclean ₹825.0060 capsules
149AyurvedaAyusante Glucohealth ₹795.0060 capsules
150AyurvedaAyusante Procard ₹960.0060 capsules
151Health SupplementsVestige Prime Energy booster ₹1050.0030 Units
152Health SupplementsVestige Prime Absorvit Vitamin D Sublingual Spray ₹560.009 ml
153Health SupplementsVestige Prime Absorvit Vitamin C Sublingual Spray ₹560.0022 ml
153Health SupplementsVESTIGE PRIME Absorvit Vitamin B12 Sublingual Spray ₹625.009 ml
154Health SupplementsVESTIGE PRIME Absorvit Multivitamin Sublingual Spray ₹625.0022 ml
155Health SupplementsVestige Prime Sea Buckthorn capsule 60s ₹1000.0060 Veg. Capsules
156Health SupplementsVestige Prime Multi Vita + Min ₹825.0060 gummies
157Health SupplementsVESTIGE PRIME METAMIND ₹1400.0030 tablets
158Health SupplementsVestige Prime Combiotics ₹525.0030 capsules
159Health SupplementsVestige Prime Krill Oil ₹1435.0030 softgels
160Health SupplementsVestige U Control capsules 30’s ₹1600.0030 capsules
161Health SupplementsVestige Her Own ₹460.0030 capsules
162Health SupplementsVESTIGE  HAIR ,SKIN & NAIL ₹585.0060 capsules
163Health SupplementsVestige Folic & Iron Plus ₹280.0060 capsules
164Health SupplementsVestige Cranberry ₹1875.0060 capsules
165Health SupplementsVestige HMB Calcium 15 x 5 g ₹0.0015 x 5 g
166Health SupplementsVestige HMB ₹1875.0015 x 5 g
167Health SupplementsVestige protein powder ₹2350.00500 g
168Health SupplementsVestige protein powder ₹1050.00200 g
169Health SupplementsVestige Veslim shake ₹1750.00500 g
170Health SupplementsVESTIGE VESLIM TEA ₹795.00150 g
171Health SupplementsVestige Veslim ₹1290.0090 capsules
172Health SupplementsVestige Melatonin spray ₹460.0030 ml
173Health SupplementsVestige Dietary Fibre ₹1000.00200 g
174Health SupplementsVestige Eye Support ₹625.0030 capsules
175Health SupplementsVestige Detox Foot Patches ₹1400.0010 pieces
176Health SupplementsVestige Collagen ₹700.0010 x 7.5 g
177Health SupplementsVestige Calcium ₹270.00100 Tablets
178Health SupplementsVestige Glucosamine ₹950.00100 tablets
179Health SupplementsVestige Glucosamine ₹610.0060 tablets
180Health SupplementsVestige Pre Glucohealth 60’s ₹1020.0060 capsules
181Health SupplementsVestige Stevia ₹160.00100 tablets
182Health SupplementsVestige Coenzyme Q10 ₹1050.0030 softgels
183Health SupplementsVestige L-Arginine ₹1515.0015 x 10 g
Vestige Products

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